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Fire Department

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1. Does the Fire Prevention offer any sort of safety programs or tips on safety in the home?
2. What fireworks are illegal in the City of Sheridan?

Human Resources

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1. Where does the City of Sheridan announce its job openings?
2. Who can apply for a job with the city?
3. How long do you keep applications on file?

Municipal Court

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1. Can I just pay a fine once a warrant is issued?
2. What will happen if I fail to pay my traffic ticket?
3. Do you have a small claims court?

Police Department

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1. What are the hours that the Records Department is open?
2. Where is the Sheridan Police Department located?
3. How do I obtain a copy of a police report?
4. What does it cost to obtain a copy of a police report?
5. Police Patches

Public Works

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1. How are road repairs prioritized?
2. How long do I have to clear my sidewalk after a snowstorm?
3. Who do we report pot holes and street light problems to?

Storm Water

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1. What is Stormwater
2. When did the City of Sheridan start billing for stormwater?
3. Do other City's bill for stormwater?
4. How is the fee determined?
5. How is the stormwater fee used?
6. What I purchased/sold the property in 2017 and received a bill?
7. What if I have a tenant that is supposed to pay the bill?
8. When is the bill due?
9. What happens if the stormwater bill is not paid?

City of Sheridan
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