Vehicles & Equipment

Specialty Units

The following are the major vehicles in the Public Works fleet. The City also owns other smaller vehicles, including a medium-sized weed-moving tractor, some pickup trucks, a crack-sealing trailer, and other utility trailers. The crack-sealing unit was purchased in 2000, and a tac / seal coat sprayer was also purchased in 2002.

Street Sweeper

 The street sweeper was purchased in 2000.

Asphalt Roller

The three and a half ton asphalt roller was purchased in 2001.

Asphalt Pull Box

The asphalt pull box was purchase in 1999.

Street Grader

The street grader was purchased in 1975.

Back Hoe and Skip Loader

The back hoe and skip loader was purchased in 1979.

Dump Truck

This dump truck was purchased in 1983. In all, the fleet has two dump trucks, which are also used as plows and sanders for snow removal during winter months.