Residential Building Permit Requirements

Requirements for Submitting a Residential Permit Application

Submittals for Residential Plan Review need to include the following PDF files:

1. Building permit application, completely filled out, along with payment of fees. Fees are based on the project valuation. Contact the office for payment information and options. Project valuation is subject to review.

2. A complete set of construction drawings. For new buildings and additions, pages must be stamped by a design professional (Architect or Engineer.) Plans must be legible and sized according to details.

3. Soils report (if requested.)

4. Drainage Plan and Stormwater Management:

         a. Drainage Plan required if more than one acre of the site will be disturbed

         b. SWAMP required if more than ½ acre is disturbed

         c. SWAMP and State Permit required if more than one acre is disturbed

         d. Less than ½ acre requires stormwater management plan showing BMP’s only

5. Energy compliance calculations (REScheck, Manual J, etc.)

6. Warranty Deed, title, or other proof of ownership (if requested.)

The construction plans should provide sufficient detail to show conformance with the applicable codes. Information needed on the plans includes but is not limited to:

1. Name, address, and contact information of building owner.

2. Legal description of building (if requested)

3. Name and contact information of the design professional(s) used on the project

4. Code compliance information:

          a. Accurate square footage calculations

          b. Building height and required setbacks.

          c. Site survey, ILC or accurately scaled plot plan.

          d. Flood plain information (if required)

          e. Floor plans and accurate elevations

5. Structural calculations and appropriate details required for construction.

In addition to the plan review by the building department, the plans will be routed for review to Public Works, Planning and Zoning, and the Denver Fire Department as needed. Plans will be reviewed within ten (10) working days after acceptance of the permit application.