Economic Development

Xcel Energy Higher Emissions Community

The City of Sheridan is designated as a Higher Emissions Community by Xcel Energy. This designation is given to communities that are disproportionately affected by transportation emissions or other environmental factors.

Xcel Energy Higher Emissions Community Information

This program provides additional funding for electric vehicle infrastructure to developers. Please reach out to Sheridan Staff or Xcel Energy with the information provided on the street for any questions.

Enterprise Zone Information

The City of Sheridan is located in a State Enterprise Zone. The handout below details economic incentives and tax credits that may be available to new and existing businesses located in the City.

South Metro Enterprise Zone Information

This program is administered by the City of Englewood. Please contact the administrator of the program by email or 303-762-2347 with any questions.

The City of Sheridan has partnered with to identify possible development opportunities in the City, however, The City of Sheridan does not own any of these properties. For more information you can contact the Sheridan Planning Department at 303-438-3307.

Sheridan Development Opportunities