Contractor License

A Contractor License (PDF) is required for any person or corporation that receives compensation for construction or remodeling work within the City of Sheridan. Please complete an application for all new registrations and read page three of this application to see the required items to submit along with the completed application. Please mail the form with a check to the address provided on the application or you can email the forms to our Permit Technician. The fee will be collected upon acceptance of the application.

Contractor license renewal letters are sent by mail. If you are renewing your license, you do not have to fill out a contractor license application again if all the information is the same.

Plumbers and Electricians are required to register with the City to obtain permits. There is no fee associated with this type of application, but the required documents must still be attached to the completed application or renewal.

Licenses are issued by mail on the first of every month.