City of Sheridan Design Criteria

Adopted Building Codes: 2021 International Codes with amendments

                                            2020 NEC

Ground Snow Load: 30 pounds/square foot

        Roof load is 30 pounds/square foot non-reducible


Wind Speed: 90 mph sustained / 105 mph 3 second gust

                        Topographic Effects; No Special Wind Region: Yes

                        Wind-borne Debris Zone: No

Seismic Design Category: B

Concrete Weathering: Severe

Frost Line Depth: 36 inches

Termite Damage: Slight to moderate

Winter Design Temperature: 1° F

Ice Barrier Underlayment Required: Yes

Flood Hazards: Yes – See Section 56 Article XVII of Sheridan Municipal Code

Air Freezing Index: 712

Mean Annual Temperature: 50.3° F