Street Sweeping Schedule

Beginning the first week of May through October, the City of Sheridan will begin and end monthly residential street sweeping.

The City Public Works Department has divided the City into four sections and will sweep one section every Monday.  If your address falls within the areas listed below, we ask that you not park on the roadway on that assigned Monday. Vehicles parked on the road will not be towed, however, we encourage residents to move vehicles off the road so that the street sweepers can clean the street. If weather on that Monday is not acceptable, the crews will sweep the next day.

  • Week 1: Oxford south to the city limits and Clay Street west to Lowell. 
  • Week 2: Federal west to Lowell and US285 south to Oxford.
  • Week 3: US285 north to Dartmouth and Lowell to South Platte River Dr.
  • Week 4: US285 south to Stanford from Santa Fe to Clay St.

Street Sweeping

The City is also asking residents not to blow yard waste into the streets as this is a violation of the Clean Water act and Sheridan Municipal Code 70-23 Illicit Discharge Prohibited and 46-32 (14) Littering. Residents and business can be fined and/or issued a Summons and Complaint to the Sheridan Municipal Court for non-compliance.