Permit Applications

The City of Sheridan has two processes for submitting permit applications. One for over the counter permits and one for plans that require review. Over the counter permits include: roofs, windows, mechanical, sewer line repairs and siding. All other applications will be processed through our Electronic Plan Review Portal. 

  1. Over the Counter Permits
  2. Electronic Plan Review

Over the Counter Applications (PDF)

Roofing Permit is required for ALL new roofing jobs or roof replacements. Along with the Roofing Permit application, a copy of the Manufacture’s Specifications is required showing a Lifetime Wind Warranty of 100 MPH. Roofing Code Requirements (PDF) 

Plumbing/Mechanical/Landscaping Permit application is required for all new installations or replacements. Water Heater Code Requirements (PDF)

Over the counter permits must be payed in FULL.

For more information, or to schedule an inspection, please email our Permit Technician or call at 303-438-3302.