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Municipal Code
Maintenance & Updates
The City of Sheridan Municipal Code is maintained online by the Municipal Code Corporation of Tallahassee, Florida.

The online code is updated on an annual basis and will not include ordinances from the current year.

City Ordinances Adopted in 2014
Ordinance   1-2014 - Annexation of Property 3371 W. Hampden Ave.
Ordinance   2-2014 - Amending Code Pertaining to Council's Regular Meeting
Ordinance   3-2014 - Regulations for Motels, Hotels and Extended Stays
Ordinance   4-2014 - Cable Franchise Agreement
Ordinance   5-2014 - Marijuana Residential Cultivation Restrictions
Ordinance   6-2014 - Amending Code Pertaining to Home Based Business
Ordinance   7-2014 - PUD/ODP Approval for Property located at 3371 W. Hampden Ave.
Ordinance   8-2014 - Waste Collection Services
Ordinance   9-2014 - Beverage Tastings
Ordinance 10-2014 - Amending Code Pertaining to Deposits for Land Use Applications
Ordinance 11-2014 - Amending Code Pertaining to Trade Contractor's Licenses
Ordinance 12-2014 - Backyard Fowl

City of Sheridan
City of Sheridan Colorado
4101 S. Federal Blvd, Sheridan, Colorado 80110-5399     Ph: 303-762-2200     Fx: 303-438-3398
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