Federal Boulevard Projects

Federal Boulevard is one of the longest continuous running state highways in Colorado, it is also a main arterial road through the City of Sheridan. With the importance associated with this corridor the City of Sheridan has taken a greater interest in exploring studies and funding opportunities along the corridor. This page will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

EPA Brownfields Grant

The City of Sheridan in partnership with the City and County of Denver and the Urban Land Conservancy are applying for an EPA Brownfields grant. This grant will explore properties along the corridor and their need for environmental cleanup.

South Federal Boulevard Plan - Safe Streets Through Sheridan

The City of Sheridan applied for and received funding through DRCOG’s Community Mobility Planning and Implementation (CMPI) program in September of 2021. These federal funds will be used to hire a consultant to develop an integrated transportation and land use plan to guide current and future development along Federal Boulevard in Sheridan, from Floyd Avenue to Clay Street. Sheridan will work with residents, community stakeholders, and CDOT to develop strategies for multimodal access, traffic congestion, and to address safety concerns. This planning work is anticipated to begin in late 2022 or early 2023.