Priority One

Snow Route SignDesignated Emergency Snow Routes

City ordinances make provisions for emergency snow routes. These routes (listed in priority order) are generally marked with signs, as shown to the right. Vehicles parked on these designated emergency snow routes must be removed during snow storms and up to 24 hours after the end of the snow storm. If they are not removed, parked vehicles are subject to being towed at the owner's expense.

Specific Streets

The following streets are designated as Emergency Snow Routes. The time needed to complete the plowing of these routes will vary based on the depth of the snow and the length of time of the snow. At the very minimum it will take at least three hours for all priority one streets to be plowed.

  • Lowell Boulevard (between the 4300 and 4500 blocks)
  • Quincy Avenue (from Lowell Boulevard to Irving Street)
  • Irving Street (from the southern city limit to Oxford Avenue)
  • Oxford Avenue (from city limit to city limit)
  • Santa Fe Drive frontage road (north and south of Oxford Avenue)
  • Natches Court (south of Oxford Avenue and both sides of Kenyon Avenue)
  • Hamilton Place (from Platte River Drive to Brady Court)
  • Brady Court (from Hamilton Place to Hampden Avenue)
  • Hampden Avenue (from Brady Court to Lowell Boulevard)
  • Dartmouth Avenue (between the 2400 and 2800 blocks, east bound only)
  • Zuni Street (from Dartmouth Avenue to Hampden Avenue)
  • Lowell Boulevard (from Hampden Avenue to Mansfield Avenue, city limit)

For questions or comments about the designated emergency snow routes, contact the Public Works Department at 303-738-1098.