Victims of crimes have the right to:

  • Be informed about what steps can be taken if he or she is subjected to intimidation or harassment
  • Be informed of the process for enforcing compliance of these rights
  • Be informed of the results of any ordered HIV testing
  • Employer intercession
  • Information on all the charges filed and assurance of swift and fair resolution of the proceedings
  • Input into decisions regarding plea bargains, sentencing, and parole hearings and to be present at sentencing and parole hearings
  • Instructions on community resources and other information that will assist recovery
  • Restitution or civil remedy
  • Release of property after the case is settled and it is no longer needed as evidence in the case
  • Notification of all case dispositions including appeals
  • Notification of any changes in the status of the accused
  • Secured waiting area when available
  • Treatment with fairness, respect, and dignity
  • Timely notification of all court dates
  • Prevent any party at any proceeding from testimony regarding any locating information about the victim

If you have any questions or would like more information about your rights, please contact the Victim's Assistance Unit at 303-438-3342.